MCA Update #89 Efate Ring Road & Santo East Coast Road

Efate Work
Downer crews have now opened the road to traffic and removed the temporary by-pass road at DryCreek.
They are now placing and compacting the pavement over the top of the new culvert.
Some additional work is being done on Klehm’s Hill that requires traffic to be restricted to one lane. Work
to protect the abutments of the Ulei Bridge from scour damage during floods will start this week.
The Maintenance Contracts between PWD and Communities along the Efate Ring Road are progressing.
So far the Mele and Mele Maat Communities have carried out work in their areas and now Mangaliuliu
villagers have just started work in theirs.
The grass planting continues from Eton Beach towards La Cressonniere.

Santo Work
All the sealing and roadmarking work has been completed on Santo. Edge-lines have been marked on the
insides of some corners as an additional feature to assist drivers.
The sealing equipment is expected to be barged back to Efate this weekend.

Traffic Conditions and Road Safety
Construction work is underway at Dry Creek and at the Ulei Bridge. Traffic is also restricted to one lane on
Klehm’s Hill, with traffic controllers on duty 24 hours per day.Road users are urged to comply with the safety signs and the directions of traffic controllers at work sites.
Again, we ask all drivers to refrain from speeding anywhere on the sealed road or where construction is
underway. The roads are construction sites and used by pedestrians as well as other vehicles.



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