Planting Grass (2 September 2010)
Planting Grass as a natural strategy to prevent soil from falling away or erosion. The grass roots will form a network of structure to create a solid blanket againts raindrops and running water, especially during heavy rain.

Also as part of promoting gender. Village women are being employed to plant the grasses. Among the women are some student young girls who took up this opportunity during their school holiday to participate in infrastructure development and also make some money for their school needs. Thanks to EDI Downer, the contructor and MCA-Vanuatu to carry out this gender implementation.

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Distribution of Seedlings (14 July 2010)

On the 14th of July 2010, a team comprising of MCA-Vanuatu staffs, Department of Agriculture and Department of Forestry staffs carryout the first ever seedling distribution on Efate. The seedlings distributed were part of the Goodwill Arrangement for the Government of Vanuatu to affected farmers that have lost crops an…d tree as a result of the construction of the Efate Ring Road under the Millennium Challenge Account Vanuatu (MCA-V) Transport Infrastructure project funded by the United States Government acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

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