Local Businessman thriving

Ernest Kalkoa had been operating his small meseum for over 10 years. He collects World War 2 coca cola bottles from various dates and stores them in the meseum. He also collects other World War 2 relics. He has been struggling for the past years to maintain his business. He had been trying to find ways to increase revenue from visitors to his meseum, but it was a bit a problem, especially with his location and the road condition. He had been trying to solve these issues of how he can step further for his business.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Vanuatu, he believes was the solutionto his worries and problems. This year he had been seeing his dream converted to reality. He regards the newly built road as a blessing and a doorway to extend his business and increase income. The road makes it easier for visitors to come regularly compared to previous years. Currently, he is receiving two big buses of tourists during cruise ships arrival and an increase in regular visitors both local and tourist on normal days.

The increase of visitors also made him to open a new cafe shelter next to his small meseum. This cafe house will enable visitors to taste local tea and for those who would like to make a short stop before going around the island. Another contribution to his small business is the declaration of a conservation area where his business is established. This area is protected from fishing and diving. He plans to farm fish and encourage turtle to breed in that area.

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1 Response to Local Businessman thriving

  1. leisande otto says:

    This is a great initiative from a local who had this idea of the local museum. It creates an opportunity and a avenue to generating income from remote locations and at the same time promotes local tourism activities in our country. Mr. Ernest should be congratulated on a historical work well done that supports not only him in terms of income but his family and should be an example for Ni-Vanuatu. That finding employment is not only in Port Vila and Luganville but that its a matter of creativity. Thanks to the Millennium challenge for being part of expanding this local entrepreneur.

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